You will love hating us,
become a DRIP franchisee!

Joining the DRIP adventure means living an exciting experience,
take advantage of a booming market and work for the well-being of others.

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key numbers

2 locations 
4000 visitors per month
250 m2 on average
30 spots on average
40 sessions per week

Make your city sweat

You are an entrepreneur at heart.
You are a management and operations expert.
You are ready to take on many business challenges.
But above all, you are motivated to join a crazy adventure and be the precursor of gym boutiques in France!

our support

Joining us also means benefiting from over 10 years of expertise and a multitude of services for a turnkey project:

– search for premises, design of the studio and monitoring of the work;
– assistance with the recruitment and training of coaches;
– implementation of the customer experience through cutting-edge scenography and brand standards
– access to a strong brand image with an engaged community
– access to support services for day-to-day support

DRIP in a few words


In the dark, to the rhythm of exclusive playlists and a luminous atmosphere which accompanies your complete and intensive workout. Have fun, let off steam, surpass yourself without having to worry about other people's looks.

An uninhibited atmosphere, for inclusiveness. A place without judgment where we meet people, and where we discover passionate coaches.
A premium service that allows members to enjoy the studio experience as best as possible.