Preliminary Article: Definitions
  • Subscription: contract signed by a Subscriber allowing him or her to have access to the services offered by DRIP at preferential rates in return for the payment of a monthly sum indicated in the special conditions.
  • Activities: activities offered by DRIP: sports session led by a coach.
  • DRIP: brand of the company The Sanctuary Group, simplified joint stock company, with capital of 139,733 euros, located at 33, Boulevard Saint Martin 75003 Paris, registered with the Paris RCS under number 793 052 499, taken in the person of its President .
  • Member/Subscriber: any person, natural or legal, having taken out a Subscription or having purchased a Ticket or Pack sold by DRIP. By paying the entry fee, the member accepts all of the General Conditions of Sale.
  • Studios: spaces dedicated to sporting activity operated by DRIP and located at 50 rue Monceau – 75008 and 29 rue des Petites Écuries – 75010. 
  • General Conditions of Sale: these provisions, governing the contractual relations between DRIP and the members.
  • Block: Succession of one or more sessions in a row.


Article 1: object

The General Conditions of Sale constitute the one and only framework of the legal relations which must exist between the member and DRIP, to the exclusion of any other document or advertising brochure.

The General Conditions of Sale are applicable to all members.

Article 2 – Registration terms and conditions of access

Anyone wishing to participate in a session must first:

(I) Acquisition of a title

  • Either buy a single ticket (hereinafter: “Ticket”);
  • Either purchase several tickets for a fixed price (hereinafter: “Package” or “Pack”);
  • Either subscribe to a subscription (hereinafter: “Subscription”).

Once in possession of the Ticket, Subscription or Pack, the subscriber will be considered to be a member of DRIP, for the entire period of validity of the purchased title.

The purchase of a Ticket, Pack or Subscription ipso facto entails acceptance by the purchaser of all the stipulations provided for in the General Conditions of Sale.

(II) Registration for a session

  • The member, holder of a valid Ticket, Pack or Subscription, must, to participate in a session given within DRIP, register in advance online on the DRIP website or directly on site with a DRIP staff member. The room cannot accommodate more than 27 people so it will no longer be possible to register for sessions reserved by 27 people. The member must make payment for their Ticket, Pack or Subscription before being able to register.
  • The member is responsible for his reservations, it is his responsibility to check the accuracy of each of his reservations (place, date, time, number of places) under penalty of being deducted from the sessions reserved and not made.
  • Any rectification must be made as soon as possible and no later than 12 hours before the start of the session.
  • The member will give his bank details to DRIP and will be debited automatically once a month until termination.


Article 3 – General Conditions of Sale applicable

The General Conditions of Sale may be subject to updates or modifications without notice. The applicable General Conditions of Sale are those in force at the time of conclusion of the contract, that is to say on the day of acquisition of the Tickets, Packs or Subscription by the member. However, the applicable internal regulations are those in force on the day the member visits the studio. By registering for the sessions, the member agrees to comply with the internal regulations in force on the day the course is given and in particular the start and end times of the session.

Article 4 – Services, duration, postponement, termination

4.1 Conditions

  • The Ticket, Subscription, or Pack purchased gives the right to access the sessions offered by the studio. This right is non-transferable.
  • Purchases of these services in store cannot be refunded and online purchases of these services may benefit from a right of withdrawal as provided for by the Hamon law.
  • For any online purchase, a receipt is automatically delivered by email.
  • For any purchase from our studio, we provide a paper invoice at the member's request.
  • Any cancellation or modification of a session must be made at least 12 hours before the start of the reserved session; otherwise, the member will be deducted from the reserved session or have financial penalties applied, notwithstanding their absence.
  • The price appears in the special conditions of the contract given to the customer. This Subscription is payable by bank debit, monthly.
  • The member declares in any case when concluding the Contract to have had his or her ability to practice a sporting activity checked in advance by a doctor and to hold the certificate to this effect established by the doctor so as to be able to produce it upon request. from DRIP. The member also undertakes to take all necessary precautions for their health, safety and hygiene and to respect the DRIP instructions in this regard.
  • The member may not assign or transfer to anyone in any way, free of charge or for a fee, the Subscription taken out under the Contract.


4.2 Duration

4.2.1 Duration and cancellation of sessions

  • Tickets sold individually have a validity period of: 30 days.
  • Packs of 5 sessions have a validity of 2 months, packs of 10 sessions have a validity of 4 months, packs of 20 sessions have a validity of 8 months and packs of 40 sessions have a validity of valid for 16 months.
  • The “4 sessions”, “6 sessions” and “Unlimited” subscriptions have a respective commitment period of at least 12 months over 12 withdrawals. The subscription “ Sweat Pass » has a commitment period of 3 months on 15 weekly withdrawals. Beyond the commitment period, all subscriptions mentioned above are tacitly renewed for an unlimited period in successive periods of an entire month, and can be canceled at any time upon simple request from the member to DRIP customer service.
  • It is understood that any promotion or new offer will have a specific duration.
    “Unlimited” subscriptions:
    This unlimited subscription allows the member to practice sessions at will, limited to one session per day.


Any cancellation of an Unlimited Subscription session made less than 12 hours before the start of the reserved session, or failure to show up for a reservation made in advance will be penalized with an invoicing of €5 (five euros) per unit which may be debited immediately from his bank account.

4.2.2 Duration and postponement

  • Failure to use sessions during the validity period of the pass will not give rise to reimbursement for sessions not used by the member. However, the duration of subscriptions may be subject to an extension of validity in the event of possible studio closures, excluding summer holidays and the Christmas period.
  • The Subscription or Packs may have their validity period extended if the member proves that they are physically unfit to practice sports for more than 1 (one) month. A written request must be made accompanied by a medical certificate of unfitness for sporting activity, specifying the duration of the incapacity to exercise this activity. The request must be made before the end of the validity of the Subscription. Otherwise, the request will be inadmissible.


4.3 Non-payment of monthly amounts by the member

In the event of non-payment of sums owed by the member to DRIP, DRIP reserves the right to suspend access to the clubs and to the services provided for under the Subscription and to register the subscriber on its disputed recovery file. “payment incidents”, in strict compliance with the provisions of Law No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978 relating to data processing, files and freedoms, this registration preventing the member from benefiting from the advantages, products and/or or services that DRIP, its affiliated companies or its partners could, where applicable, reserve for it.

DRIP may then terminate the Contract automatically and without formality 15 days after receipt by the member of the formal notice which remains without effect. From the date the termination takes effect, the member will remain liable for payment of the sums contractually due until the end of the Subscription. The member will also be exposed, in this case, to the payment of a penalty in the amount of 8 % of the sums remaining due.

4.4 Conditions for termination of the Subscription by the member

4.4.1 The member may terminate their Subscription without reason only if the Subscriber is no longer subject to their commitment period. He must then respect a notice of 15 (fifteen) working days preceding the next deadline.

It is understood that the following conditions must be respected:

  • If the termination request takes effect before between the 1st (first) and the 5th (fifth) month, the subscriber must pay the corresponding Subscription over the commitment period of 12 (twelve) months.
  • In the event of termination taking effect between the 6th (sixth) and the 9th (ninth) month, the remaining amounts to be paid will be subject to a flat-rate reduction of 15% (fifteen percent). This reduction will amount to 30% (thirty percent) in the event of termination taking effect between the 9th (ninth) and the 12th (twelfth) month.


4.4.2 The member may terminate their Subscription contract at any time only in the following cases:

  • Serious illnesses: a medical certificate must specify the state of health of the subscriber and the impossibility of carrying out any sporting activity for a defined period and specify the date of its first observation.
  • Serious accidents: a medical certificate from the subscriber and specifying the impossibility for the subscriber to exercise any sporting activity for a defined period.
  • Death: the subscriber's beneficiaries must provide the original death certificate.
  • Economic dismissal: the subscriber must provide a certified copy of the Economic Dismissal letter from their employer and a copy of the registration with the Pôle Emploi.
  • Transfer/Move: the professional transfer certificate issued by the employer or the certificate of new residence must be provided and will be considered valid for any move within a radius greater than more than 25 km from any DRIP studio.
  • Pregnancy: a copy of the prenatal examination sheet and the medical certificate of total contraindication indicating the duration must be provided.


It is specified that the Subscription may be suspended due to the cases mentioned above. It will also be possible for the Subscriber to suspend their Subscription for the duration of interruption mentioned on their medical certificates. This will further extend the duration of his remaining commitment.

The following cases cannot give rise to termination of the Subscription contract:

  • The consequences of accidents, illnesses, congenital or acquired conditions whose diagnosis was made prior to your registration or re-registration within DRIP
  • The need to carry out a cure, an aesthetic, psychological or psychotherapeutic treatment


4.4.3 Conditions for suspension of the Subscription by the member

The company DRIP understands by suspension the temporary cessation of the rights and duties binding DRIP to the member and vice versa within the framework of a subscription contract between the two parties. Any suspension must be defined in time at the time of its motivation and have a minimum duration of 1 month. Access to the studios will no longer be authorized during these suspensions.

The member may suspend his subscription in the following cases:

  • The member of a subscription whose commitment period has expired within the limit of 2 annual suspensions and a maximum duration of 2 months per suspension.
  • The subscriber of a subscription whose commitment period has expired or not upon presentation of a medical certificate for a period greater than 1 month. The subscriber will have their initial commitment period extended in accordance with the period described by said certificate.


Article 5 – Prices and regulations

Current rates are displayed on the DRIP website and at the entrance to the studio. DRIP is free to modify its prices. The prices applicable to Subscriptions or Packs are those in force on the day of subscription to the Subscription or purchase of the Ticket or Pack. Payment is made at the member's choice, by check, cash, bank transfer or direct debit. In the case of payment by check, the session is payable in advance, proof of identity must be presented.

For any payment by direct debit, the subscriber must provide a RIB to DRIP, a photocopy of their identity card and sign the SEPA direct debit authorization.

In the case of automatic debit, the withdrawals are divided into 12 monthly payments by direct debit from the member's account.

The member undertakes to notify DRIP of any change of bank domiciliation as soon as possible. In the event of a payment incident, the direct debit amount must be paid directly to DRIP by another means of payment. In the event of repeated payment incidents, DRIP reserves the right to terminate the contract at the sole fault of the member, and to demand payment of the amounts remaining due.

In the event that the Subscriber fails to meet his payment obligations, the sums normally due may be debited directly from his bank account.

Article 6 – Internal regulations

Within the studio, it is prohibited to annoy members with violent behavior or behavior likely to undermine decency, good morals, the tranquility of members or the good order and cleanliness of the studio.

The member must comply with these internal regulations, adhere to them without restriction or reservation, and respect the following instructions.

Not allowed in the studios:

  • Minors, unaccompanied by an adult;
  • Any person making sexist, racist or religious remarks;
  • People who are sick, injured, with wounds, dressings, or skin infections;
  • Animals, even on a leash;
  • People whose state of health does not allow them to practice a sporting activity are not admitted to the room.
  • People with heart problems are not allowed in the room.


Inside the studio, it is prohibited:

  • To stay outside opening hours;
  • To enter the studios without a valid subscription, Pack or Ticket, or to participate in a session without being registered.
  • To undress or dress outside the locker rooms, as well as to place clothes elsewhere than in the lockers provided for this purpose;
  • To bring food, alcoholic drinks or glass bottles into the studios;
  • To enter the room without having been authorized by the teacher;
  • To eat outside the lounge provided for this purpose;
  • Chewing gum in the room;
  • To annoy members with violent or inappropriate behavior;
  • To run around the studios;
  • To use transistors or any other sound emitting or amplifier device.


Security :

  • In the event of an incident or accident, members are required to immediately notify, in order of priority, the teacher, the studio reception, and the firefighters or emergency services.
  • Members are required to respect the instructions and injunctions given by the teacher.
  • In the case of an individual whose behavior presents a danger to members, studio staff or themselves, DRIP may involve the police.


Undressing, dressing and Conservation of clothing items:

  • Members must, under penalty of exclusion, undress and dress in the locker room provided and leave it in a perfectly clean state.
  • Access to the locker room is reserved exclusively for people of the same sex.
  • Members are required to place their clothing in a locker.


Hygiene and behavior of members

Each member must be equipped with clothing suitable for sports and shoes suitable for sports. DRIP reserves the right to refuse access to the session to any person who does not meet these expectations. No session refund will be permitted in such circumstances.

Article 7 – Conditions for payment by bank card

The member will be able to pay for their purchases directly on the DRIP website. The amount of the order will only be debited upon validation. Payment by bank card is secured by an encryption system provided by STRIPE, therefore, DRIP cannot access the customer's card number which passes in complete confidentiality. Only national bank cards will be accepted by the security system as well as Visa and Mastercard cards.

Article 8 – Insurance

DRIP reminds that it is not part of its mission to monitor the personal effects of members which have not been stored in a locked locker.

The member is invited to take out additional insurance covering more specifically the risks linked to sporting activities provided in DRIP studios.

In accordance with article 38 of the law of July 16, 1984, DRIP informs the member of his right to take out “individual accident” insurance which will cover all activities that he is likely to practice within DRIP studios, it is understood that this guarantee is optional, and remains the entire responsibility of the member.

Article 9 – Irrevocability of membership and withdrawal period

The purchase of a Ticket, Pack or Subscription entails pure and simple acceptance of these general conditions of sale.

In the event of subscribing to a Subscription or acquiring Tickets or a Pack remotely, the member will benefit, in accordance with the provisions of articles L121-19 et seq. of the Consumer Code, from a period of fourteen ( 14) clear days to exercise your right of withdrawal, without having to provide reasons or pay penalties, with the exception, where applicable, of return costs.

The member may deviate from this deadline if he is unable to travel and at the same time needs to call upon an immediate service necessary for his living conditions. In this case, he would continue to exercise his right of withdrawal without having to provide reasons or pay penalties. This right of withdrawal is not applicable to legal entities which subscribe to Packs and/or Subscriptions. The Packs and Subscriptions are nominative and cannot under any circumstances be transferred to third parties by the member.

Article 10 – Dispute resolution

This agreement is governed by French law. Any dispute between the member and DRIP relating to the existence, validity, interpretation, execution and fulfillment of this agreement will be subject to the jurisdiction of the competent courts, it being remembered that the consumer member may seize one of the territorially competent courts of the place where he resides at the time of the conclusion of the contract or the occurrence of the harmful event.

Article 11 – Information on the consumer mediator

Any complaint must be addressed, firstly, to DRIP customer service with a view to finding an amicable solution.

When the member has not obtained a satisfactory response, the member can contact the Consumer Mediation entity (AME) within one year of the disputed facts.

The contact details for the AME Consumer Mediation are as follows:


The FEVAD e-commerce mediator service

60, rue La Boétie – 75008 PARIS

Email: mediateurduecommerce@fevad.com

Article 12 – Other provisions

12.1 Entire Agreement:

All of the stipulations of the General Conditions of Sale constitute the entire agreement between DRIP and the member with regard to its subject matter and replace and cancel all declarations, negotiations, commitments, oral or written communications, acceptances, agreements, conventions and prior agreements between the parties.

12.2 Nullity of a provision:

If one of the provisions of this agreement proves to be contrary to an applicable law or regulation, this provision will be deemed to be waived, without this affecting the validity of the other provisions of this agreement.

Article 13 – Termination and Force Majeure :
  • Since Tickets and Packs are for a fixed period, they cannot be canceled.
  • DRIP undertakes to make its best efforts to respect the obligations set out in its General Conditions of Sale.
  • In the event that it is unable to perform its obligations due to events beyond its control or over which it has no control, its liability cannot be sought.
  • If the studios are closed for more than 2 months, the member may terminate the contract concluded with DRIP by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. In this case, the termination will become effective within 15 (fifteen) days following the sending of this letter. DRIP will then have to reimburse the sessions paid for and not carried out by the member.
  • DRIP also reserves the right to cancel sessions in the event of a lack of staff or participants in a session (less than 3 people). In the event of cancellation of a session, the member may benefit from an extension of the validity period of their Subscription and/or Pack, by one week compared to the initially planned expiration date.
  • The conditions for terminating the Subscription are defined in article 4.1.4 of these General Conditions.


Article 14 – Security and limitation of liability

Taking out a Subscription and acquiring a Pack or Subscription implies that the member declares that they are able to carry out a sporting activity.

DRIP reminds that it is not part of its mission to monitor the personal effects of members which have not been stored in a locked locker.

Members are personally responsible for any accidents they may cause or commit.

Article 15 – Information, files and freedom

The data concerning the member is intended for the management of the member's Subscription/Pack by DRIP. In accordance with current law, DRIP may send emails to the member, unless the latter objects. The member retains the right of access to modify his data.

Article 16 – Derivative products


DRIP guarantees a full refund for any item returned within 7 days provided that all items are returned in the same condition as when you purchased them. This means that items must not be damaged, stained, washed, deformed or worn (other than for trying on the item) and that all tags are still intact. 


Video surveillance :

The studios are placed under video surveillance 24/7.

Maximum attendance

Studio Monceau: 

The maximum authorized attendance of the room is 29 people.

The maximum attendance allowed in the establishment is 95 people.

Studio Grands Boulevards: 

The maximum authorized attendance of the room is 36 people.

The maximum attendance allowed in the establishment is 99 people.

Access times

  • Access to the DRIP studios is subject to the session schedules provided, available on the website www.drip-hiit.com. The studios open their doors 15 minutes before the start of the first session of a session block, and close their doors 20 minutes after the end of the last session of said block.
  • The member must arrive 10 minutes before the start of their session at the time of said session. In the event of delay, access to the studio and ipso facto to the reserved session may be refused and the member will have their session deducted or financial penalties applied.
  • Access to the studios and their equipment is strictly prohibited to the public outside these periods.
  • No presence, apart from special exemption, of consumers, will be authorized in the premises beyond these hours.



It is strictly forbidden to damage the fittings and installations. Any damage or damage is repaired by DRIP at the expense of the offender. Damage of any kind will result in legal action. Any act or behavior likely to undermine decency, good morals, the tranquility of members, good order and cleanliness of the studios is strictly prohibited. He may be sanctioned by immediate dismissal from the studio. The customer must place their bath towel in one of the bins provided for this purpose after use. It is prohibited to open emergency exits, except in cases of emergency. 

The Sanctuary Group