DRIP is convinced that sport, beyond a simple physical performance, is an essential element of balance and well-being for everyone.

DRIP, through its studios, gives access to members, collaborators and more generally, to the greatest number of people, to the practice of sport by associating it with well-being. The sessions are accessible to everyone, beginners included. 0 experience necessary for 100% of letting go, this is our credo.


Here, plastic bottles are prohibited. Our studios are equipped with water fountains so that everyone can fill their water bottle.

You don't have a water bottle? We offer natural and French mineral water – theNew Water – in biosourced, recycled and in a recyclable packaging.


Preserve the planet by promoting supplies from sustainable production models and committed suppliers in the preservation of the environment and supporting the development of short circuits. Our suppliers are chosen based on CSR criteria. 

Our studios are equipped with quality cosmetic products, with the natural and vegan origin care brand L:A BRUKET.



Our studios have been designed as a place that is as environmentally responsible as possible. Water softeners with timed mixer system to limit water consumption in our showers.

We have internalized the cleaning of our towels which we deliver to our studios using a 100% electric truck.


Within the team, 75% of our managers are women. And overall, 70% of our workforce are women.
We want to build the future with our employees by giving each of our employees the power to have an impact on company decisions.